Feedback Grid

Gathering feedback from stakeholders and group members can be quick and constructive.

This is an individual sport that can be played by several contributors in parallel. It takes very little prep. Draw a grid in advance, or invite contributors to draw their own on an ordinary piece of paper. Sticky notes are optional. Allow 10 minutes.

  1. Ask each contributor to draw a two-by-two grid that fills the page, and label the quadrants:
    • Upper left—“What I like about this idea”
    • Upper right—“What I would improve”
    • Lower left—“What questions I still have”
    • Lower right—“What new ideas this gives me”
  2. Give everyone 10 minutes to jot down their notes in the appropriate quadrants. Optional: If you ask folks to use sticky notes instead of writing directly on the feedback grid, you can cluster the feedback later to spot themes that suggest criteria for evaluating this and other ideas.